I'd like to take the time to thank you for everything you've done for me these past couple years. You have
been a tremendous help, and I definitely couldn't have put my condition under control without you. I cannot
thank you enough for putting up with all my problems, and being so patient and treating everything
effectively. I will definitely keep in touch with you when I'm in England!    JD.
Condition: an Autoimmune Disease.
My first blood test showing high triglycerides was 4 years ago. My doctor told me that I should wait before
doing anything for about 1 year, meanwhile taking the fish oil capsules and Niacine. After 1 year and no
change, he told me I should take the medications that would impact my liver but lower the cholesterol, the
statins. I refused. I continued taking the fish oil capsules and Niacine, a few times a week. Not every day. At
last my doctor strongly insisted I should start taking statins, and I have decided to give the Chinese Herbs a
chance. I also started to actively hike on the weekends, once a week and do the Five Elements Cleansing
Chi Gong excercises several times a week.
Definitely the herbs I have been taking made a positive change to my overall mood which has become
more uplifted and happier, and positive, I feel more internally mobile. And the blood test shows that my
cholesterol levels are normal. Certainly, we need to see what the blood test shows in 6 months to confirm.
I would seek a professional help taking Chinese herbs in the future in general for whatever health
concerns shall arise. In the short term, I would like to continue improving feeling more positive overalll and
decrease tendency to slight depression.
Just wanted to let you know how great I feel after a treetment with you!Thank you so much and know that
you are GREAT at what you do.Thank you Thank you Thank you!
love and Blessings to you....  CS
Condition: trauma to hip and foot due to a car accident
As a practicing chiropractor of 26 years experience I have known many acupuncturists with whom I have
associated professionally and personally. But it has been my distinct privilege, pleasure and fortune to have
met and worked with Irina Kozina. Irina is a gifted, intuitive and extremely skilled acupuncturist that has helped
me and my patients tremendously. I have witnessed and experienced profound positive clinical outcomes with
Irina’s expert care in many different conditions including neck and low back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain,
headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety and stress related ailments, fertility, foot pain and many  other acute
and chronic conditions.
More importantly I now have the benefit of offering my patients a very effective treatment option that compliments
chiropractic and massage therapy. It is very satisfying to know that my patients are in great hands and are
receiving the very best compassionate and effective acupuncture care.
Andrew Rajeckas, DC
Dear Irina

Thank you for 2 recent sessions with you.
I never would have anticipated acupuncture to be such a pleasant experience.
And I’ve felt considerably better in the days following the therapy.
I’m sure you might like to know that your recommendation of putting a Dr. Scholl’s “gel lift” in the heel area of my shoes,
slippers, etc has proven to be good advice; I know it’s early, but I think we’re moving forward.
For the first time in ages, even my tiled kitchen floor isn’t bothering my hip much.
Thank you Irina; it’s been a pleasure.

I would like to extend sincere appreciation for your ongoing treatment of my tinnitus. Through your integration of
acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, we have been able significantly reduce the volume and frequency of my
chronic condition.  Through your intervention, I am better able to cope and can actually hear an improvement and reduction
of the ringing sound. I am extremely thankful for your extreme knowledge, compassion, and perseverance to attain the best
possible results.     

G. F.  11/4/14