Useful Links
Here are some good links to other acupuncture websites with useful information about
Oriental Medicine:

Cupping – great instant muscular pain relief, excellent for treating
simple colds.

Gua Sha – skin scraping technique. It feels like a deep muscular
massage, the effect on the body is similar to cupping.  
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Moxibustion – burning rice-size cones of dry
weed on the skin, enhances
greatly acupuncture effect.
Personally I think that this is a great website. It will give you
an idea of what an acupuncturist diagnoses when he sees
a patient’s tongue.
See if you can diagnose yourself. has a symptom checker that will help you and your
doctor with diagnosis for your condition.

Link to an interesting documentary produced by BBC discussing acupuncture  

Here is a good explanation of the notion of the Qi

Another interesting take on acupuncture :

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